Writing Practice

Just a quick Saturday afternoon welcome to my new Fashion Media journalism students getting on the InDesign train today. More InDesign to come but in the meantime I thought I’d share this site: 750words.com

Basically it’s a writing practice site – designed to get you writing 750 words per day using a scoring system to help you get there. Your writing doesn’t have to be public (like blogging) so you have the freedom to write about anything in any way.

More details here.


Tuition & Learning outside of the classroom – update


An update to my post last October about learning resources as there’s a new website on the block offering a range of books and videos to view online. creativeedge.com looks like a great resource for studying creative computer applications online and has the advantage over the likes of lynda.com of including books as well as videos.

Publishers include Apple Training, Adobe Press, Peachpit Press, Visual Quickstart and Talented Pixie. I recommended Talented Pixie in the October post and having them included on Creative Edge makes for better value for your subscription.

At the moment they’re running a 20% introductory discount on subscriptions: $20 per month or $220 per year (£12.50 or £137 in UK money at current rates).

Helpfully, they allow you to view samples of both videos & books. Here’s a sample for a page from Real World Adobe InDesign CS4 and here’s Talented Pixie’s InDesign CS4 – Level 1 where you can play the whole of the first tutorial – The Interface – and then the first 30 seconds of the rest.

The book preview section is handy if you want to look at books that you might want to get from the library without having to leave the computer.

Round up of InDesign links & tutorials

As we’ve entered the InDesign season at college, I’ve been posting some resources to the new Fashioning Something Facebook page so here’s a round up of those links.

Intro to InDesign tutorial

And there’s more…


A great round up of InDesign resources at the Spoon Graphics blog.

OK, so that’s enough use of the phrase round up for one day…

Learn the basics of Photoshop in 25 minutes

First in a series of introductory tutorials on Lifehacker. The I’ve embedded the video above and you can read the whole article that goes with it if you click here.

Click here to watch the video in high quality HD which is always helpful when watching tutorial videos.

Fashioning Something on Facebook & Twitter

Fashioning Something is going through a few updates & changes. I’m moving it to a new server to allow me to do more with the site and I’ve set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account so you can follow along.